3d or Dimensional signs

High quality, 3d or Dimensional signage for Pittsburgh Businesses

3d or Dimensional signs

Looking to enhance your brand? The Brown Dog Sign Company of Pittsburgh can help your business with custom three-dimensional signage.

3D signage helps your business or service by providing a dimension of depth to width and height which catches the eye better than two-dimensional lettering. This should make your logo or business name more memorable.

Custom dimensional signs can be used in a variety of ways and materials. Some examples include:

  • Interior dimensional lettering and signs
  • 3D logo signs
  • Building Signs
  • Free Standing
  • Exterior dimensional lettering and signs
  • Reception or lobby wall 3D letters and signs

Signage Material Options Include:

  • Acrylic 3D Signage: Acrylic is temperature stable, highly durable, waterproof and comes in virtually any color, shape or size.
  • Plastic 3D Signage: Plastic or PVC is another weather resistant and cost-effective option and can be made into different shapes, colors and finishes.
  • Foam 3D Signage: Foam is a great option for interior signage, advertising displays or decoration due to its weight and cost effectiveness. Foam can also be covered with a layer of plastic or metal and can be done in any color.
  • Wooden 3D Signage: Wooden signage also can come in any shape or size along with the different varieties of wood choices and can be weather-resistant, stained or painted per your requirements.
  • Metal 3D Signage: Metal signage is sturdy and layered for depth and movement. Material options include steel, aluminum and even lettering with a metal face, but acrylic backing.
  • Brown Dog Signs of Pittsburgh can help design, fabricate, permit and install Three Dimensional signs of all types. For a free consultation or to discuss what we can do for your signage needs, please contact us today at 724-906-4822.

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