Trade Shows-Product Displays

High quality, Trade Shows-Product Display signage for Pittsburgh Businesses

Want your trade show booth or product displays to stand out? Brown Dog Signs of Pittsburgh can help.

At a trade show or product expo, you want your booth or product displays to draw in prospective customers. We can help you accomplish that by creating trade booths and product signage that grabs their attention!

Brown Dog Signs will work with you to create an adaptable setup for your booth, and product displays to ensure you can make a big impression even within a smaller space

Make your trade show booths and product signage stand out with:

  • Striking colors/graphics
  • Product brochures
  • Event tents
  • Custom product signage
  • Retractable or collapsible banners

Whether you’re setting up at a major trade expo, inhouse special display, or at a localized event, our trade show and product displays are built to last and completely customizable to your specifications.

Pittsburgh based Brown Dog Signs will ensure that your Trade Show or Product Display signage makes an impression that lasts. To start designing your booth or product displays please contact us at 724-906-4822 for a free consultation.

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