Interior Signs

High quality, custom interior signage for Pittsburgh Businesses

We provide the highest quality interior signs designed to help Pittsburgh businesses stand out and achieve their goals. We work closely with each customer to create signage that supports your brand and marketing goals throughout their entire facility. A stylish, consistent look is delivered by the right interior signage and will enable your business to make a great impression on visitors.

The type of indoor signage you’ll need will likely be a combination of various types and styles. From branded lobby signs to directional signage, and more, the team at The Brown Dog Sign Company in Pittsburgh, PA can provide interior signage ideas that will impress your customers and ensure visitors can easily navigate your space.

ADA Signs

ADA & Directional Signs

Whether you need signs with visual characters, tactile characters, and/or braille, we can help you comply with the set regulations. We understand the huge positive impact that ADA signs make in the community, and we will partner with you to make life a lot easier for your customers with disabilities.

Hotel Lobby Sign

Lobby Signs

A customer’s first impression of your business is created before they ever enter your doors. If you have a great storefront sign and exterior signage that sets the mood for your business, then your lobby has to deliver on that promise. We offer a complete selection of lobby signage, including Metal, Acrylic, Backlit, Cut Vinyl, Wood and Foam Lobby Signs. 

Wall Grapics

Wall Murals & Wall Decals

Show off your brand with creative, custom-made wall signs. Your walls are the perfect blank canvas for artful advertising. Wall signs come in all shapes and sizes, and we have one that fits your business needs and budget. 

Social Distancing Floor Sign

Floor Signs

When it comes to safety and organization in your facility, floor signs are an option you definitely can’t overlook. By allowing you to clearly mark unsafe areas in your building, provide direction, and create aisles, floor signs and graphics can provide the order and organization your business needs.

Restroom Sign - Blade Sign

Blade Signs

If you’re looking for an eye-catching sign that drives foot traffic to your location, blade signs are the perfect choice. A blade sign is one of the most eye-catching sign types. Because they project out from the side of a building façade or storefront, they are one of the best ways to catch foot traffic to your business. They can be designed to mount with a simple pole or frame system, or a more decorative armature bracket. Blade signs can be many shapes and sizes and be either illuminated or non-illuminated.

Window Graphics

Educate, inform, and excite potential new visitors about your unique services with irresistible window graphics. Whether you are promoting specific products or services, want to supply privacy for your patrons inside, or simply wish to inform your potential customers on what you have to offer, engaging window signs and vinyl graphics get your brand seen and remembered.

Office Sign

Wayfinding Signs & Directory Displays

Every directional sign must be more than just aesthetic. These signs serve two key functions: to give direction to people who are in unfamiliar environments and to introduce an organization’s brand identity to them. Whether you’re a school, clinic, retail store, office, hospital, warehouse, library, or any other facility, we can be your reliable provider of effective wayfinding signs that suit your brand and your budget.

Banner Sign

Banner Signs

Banners help to promote your business, or special event! With a wide range of size and material options, we make it easy to get the perfect banner for your needs. Promotional banners are used to attract visitors to your location or event, or to assist with finding particular areas or information once inside. Hanging banners and retractable banners are common types for indoor use.

Interior Signs

Office Signs

Office signage typically consists of individual yet complementary signage elements. Office signs can perform a variety of purposes and functions throughout your business. They can reinforce your brand identity and help visitors navigate your facility, as well as tell the story of your brand with impactful wall murals, allow you to reallocate staff by providing frequently requested information, and improve the client perception of your business.

Point of Purchase Sign

POP Signs & Product Displays

A point-of-purchase (POP) sign could be one of the most effective tools for your business. Designed to increase interest in a service, product, or place, POP signs are placed in a location where purchase decisions are usually made. POP display signs can range in shape, size, and structure. Whether a sticker at the end of a shelf, or as sophisticated as an entire free-standing display structure that holds your merchandise. Regardless of how you want your signs to look, we’re here for you.

Interested in learning more about how The Brown Dog Sign Company can help you with all of your interior signage needs?