Exterior Signs

High quality, custom exterior signage for Pittsburgh Businesses

Without the right building signs to represent your business, you’ll be missing out on countless opportunities to engage with customers every single day.

Outdoor business signs are not only extremely functional, but they can also serve as a community landmark and help drive the first impression passersby will have of your location. The Brown Dog Sign Company can create signage that fosters engagement and drives people to take action. Well-designed custom building signs are excellent tools to expand your brand awareness and increase your visibility.

From outdoor lighted business signs to outdoor wooden signs, we’re the Pittsburgh outdoor sign company to help you find the perfect signage for your unique business. It’s time to invest in outdoor signs that not only attract more customers but help your Pittsburgh business stand out from the competition.

Dimensional Letters

3-D or Dimensional Signs

Dimensional letters, often called 3D letters or raised letters, are unlit lettering or designs applied to surfaces in order to create raised images. They are cast, molded, fabricated, or cut from solid material to achieve this effect. Dimensional letters offer what many business owners are looking for: visibility, durability, and a smart, professional look.

Window Cling

Window Graphics

Storefront signs or Window Graphics are the #1 attractor of new customers, clients, and guests to your business. Whether you are seeking storefront signage to identify your brand or are seeking promotional signage to stop potential customers in their tracks, we’ve got the right solutions for you! Outdoor banners, window graphics, door signage, a-frames, wayfinding signage, lighted signs, dimensional letters, channel letters, and other signage elements can all be utilized to provide maximum visibility for your business.

Monument Sign

Monument Signs

Monument signs are frequently found at the entrance of corporate facilities, schools, churches, and other buildings looking to create an impressive entrance. A monument sign is a free-standing sign, typically a stone, marble, brick, concrete or metal structure with your business name, logo, and any other directional information you would like to add. These signs are commonly complementary to your building sign, providing a cohesive experience from the first moment.

Channel Letters

Channel Letters

The flexibility and versatility of a channel letter sign allows them to be customized to meet any brand guidelines or personal design choices.  Channel letters are 3-dimensional signs, created through forming individual cut metal elements, such as letters, numbers, symbols, or images, that are perfectly aligned and secured to a backing frame, such as a raceway sign, or can even be flush-mounted directly to your building. The channel itself is covered with a durable acrylic top, available in any color or transparency level for a completely customized look.

Pylong Sign

Pylon Signs

Every business knows the value of great visibility, and one of the best ways to get noticed by potential customers is with a good pylon sign right outside your doorstep. Pylon signs aren’t just for attraction purposes. They also serve as directional signs so that potential customers will know where to go in order to check your business out. They are often used as tenant signs, indicating all of the businesses located within a shopping center or business park.


Banner Signs

Banners help to promote your business, sale, or event! With a wide range of size and material options, we make it easy to get the perfect banner for your needs. Promotional banners are used to attract visitors to your location or event, or to assist with finding particular areas or information. Hanging banners and retractable banners are common types for outdoor use.

Yard Sign

Yard Signs

Using yard signs, also called a bandit sign or coroplast sign, is a great way to advertise a special event, educate potential customers and clients about your products, and support your favorite candidate, without a huge investment.  Our state-of-the-art equipment and custom manufacturing process allows us to create any yard sign, banner, or other promotional signage you need for your business or organization.

Directional Sign / Wayfinding

Directional & Wayfinding Signs

Every wayfinding sign must be more than just aesthetic. These signs serve two key functions: to give direction to people who are in unfamiliar environments and to introduce an organization’s brand identity to them. Whether you’re a school, clinic, retail store, office, hospital, warehouse, library, or any other facility, we can be your reliable provider of effective wayfinding signs that suit your brand and your budget.

Post & Panel Signs

Known for being versatile and cost-effective, post and panel signs are many industries’ choice for communicating with potential and existing customers. Our goal is to give you signs that meet the exact needs of your business. The signs that we create are made to order and we customize them according to your preferred size, shape, and materials. This ensures that your post and panel signs do their job of capturing the attention of passersby and building brand visibility.

Cabinet Sign

Cabinet Signs

One of the most reliable and accessible storefront signs in the business is the cabinet sign. Cabinet signs, also called wall signs and box signs, are box-like signs that enclose certain functional elements of the design, whether electrical or dimensional components. With acrylic illuminated panels, you can update your message as desired and make sure that it is never missed. Custom cut, printed, and formed to your specifications, these signs are a great choice for those looking to add impact to their storefront or interior at an affordable price and in a highly-customizable way.

A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs have been an effective form of advertising in multiple industries for over a century. Also known as sandwich signs, they are a great investment as they are quite affordable but can boost walk-in traffic by getting the attention of passersby and directing them to your business. Our A-frame signs come in various sizes; from as small as 12” x 24” signs to as large as 48” x 72”. You can also choose to have them in landscape or portrait orientations.

Awning Sign

Awning Signs

Awnings are a popular choice for a business’s storefront sign. With your storefront sign mounted to a building, you have the perfect avenue for giving your brand as much attention and exposure as possible. Think of your awning signs as fabric and vinyl canvases for your brand art. With the space that you have at the front of your sign as well as on its sides, you have with you a 24/7 advertising billboard.

Blade Sign

Blade Signs

If you’re looking for an eye-catching sign that drives foot traffic to your location, blade signs are the perfect choice. A blade sign is one of the most eye-catching sign types. Because they project out from the side of a building façade or storefront, they are one of the best ways to catch foot traffic to your business. They can be designed to mount with a simple pole or frame system, or a more decorative armature bracket. Blade signs can be many shapes and sizes and be either illuminated or non-illuminated.

Flag Sign

Flag Signs

Flag signs are one of the most versatile ways to advertise your business. In our fast-paced world, you need signs that are effective enough to compete with the everyday distractions of potential customers. We produce flag signs in the shape, size, and design that’s most effective for your brand and in the price that fits your budget. Our feather flag banners are designed to ensure that your establishment won’t go unnoticed.

Hanging Sign

Hanging Signs

Hanging signage is simple, affordable, and very effective for getting your business noticed. They are usually installed perpendicular to your building front so passersby can easily read your business name and even check out what services you offer. Our expertise in the choice of fonts, sizes, colors, and overall sign design ensure clear identification and visibility even from far away.

Pole Sign

Pole Signs

Nothing attracts business like a custom pole sign, working as a beacon to let customers know you are open and ready to assist them. If you are looking to install permanent, freestanding signage onto your business location that will have the greatest impact and widest range of visibility, then a pole sign is the sign you are looking for. Created by essentially hoisting a giant cabinet sign high in the air on a pole, illuminated or lighted pole signs are great for businesses open late.

Ground Sign

Ground Signs

Whether you need a printed graphic on a floor inside a retail space or a sidewalk outside in the elements, we have a wrap for that. For both short-term promotions and long-term branding solutions, our innovative and dependable vinyl and non-vinyl wraps make application and removal easy and efficient.

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